About us

We are specialists in the field of geoinformation, with a wide practical knowledge acquired in several professional and private projects. Every day we face many problems in our work, which we try to solve using available commercial and open source software, various programming languages and databases. On our website we want to share some of our practical knowledge, as well as acquaint readers with interesting possibilities of new geoinformatics technologies.

Geoprofesja consists of:

Piotr Mroczek – GIS expert, geoinformatician who is passionate about the application of analytics in the study of spatial dependencies in natural phenomena. He has extensive knowledge in the use of GIS tools and databases in the analysis of various types of geospatial data. He is interested in using UAV data in GIS. He uses ArcGIS, QGIS, GeoServer, PostgreSQL and PostGIS tools.

Bartłomiej Kraszewski – photogrammetrist, geoinformatician, passionate about using modern IT to process widely understood GEO data and more. Daily deal with programming, spatial databases and automation of Big Data processing in photogrammetry, remote sensing and GIS. In his struggles he uses open source software like QGIS, SAGA GIS, Cloud Compare, PostgreSQL and PostGIS. He is programming in R, Python, C++ and C#.

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