Points clouds with R

In today’s post, we’ll stay on the holiday theme and show you how to load point clouds in R. The ability to load this type of files have many packages, but the universal tool that contains many features to work with this data, in our opinion, is the package lidR. Let’s install and initialize this package in R (read here). In our exercise, we will use our dataset, which is stored in the format LAZ and which you can download here. And it looks like this 🙂

After loading the package, we start loading the point cloud into the pc variable using the readLAS function, giving the path to the file as an argument:

After loading the file, we can call it:

We then get basic information about the data stored in the file. We can also view the stored points in detail by selecting:

The set of points can be plotted using the plot function:

We can also write the point cloud using the function:

That’s it for this post 🙂 Keep testing the capabilities of today’s featured lidR library.

For the new year 2019, we wish you many new geo-explorations and more.

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